The role of corporate branding in Serbian mobile phone operator market

The role of corporate branding in Serbian mobile phone operator market

Gajo Vanka

MBA Course in Agribusiness and Commerce Subsidized by the European Union
TEMPUS CD_JEP 40067-2005 at University of Belgrade


This research is carried out to know the role of corporate branding in mobile phone network along with different influencing factors involved in the purchase of mobile telephone connections. This thesis discusses corporate branding from consumer’s point of view that how much they value it and what type of role it has.

Theory and Method

This is a quantitative study.A questionnaire is used in order to investigate corporate branding and other influencing factors involved in purchase decision of the customers. Population selected for this study is “Belgrade University undergraduate and grad Students”, which is themost of Serbian youth segment who are studying here, and is a valuable source that gives precise information with high probability about market preferences according to the Research of Serbian republic statistical office. In addition to expandmy research on the national level I’ve used the latest research from a Serbian republic statistical office on subject of Utilization of information and communication technologies in Serbia 2008 that I’ve gathered and combined it with our source interview from our contact person at Telenor Serbia Public Company Limited with essential information about competitor and consumer preferences insight provided by the Company, which is absolutely in accordance with my research and gives full picture with accuracy about Serbianmobile phone operator market situation.
Primary data are obtained by collecting data from questionnaire and interview, while the secondary data are collected from various reliable sources. Primary data provide reliable content in accordance with a secondary data obtained by Serbian republic statistical office and with a Research of competitor and consumer preferences insight provided by Telenor Company, which mixed together yield complete key point information for making final analysis and conclusion for the thesis. The analysis of the data has been performed in accordance with the chosen theories and summarized in a table, which serves as a tool for deriving reliable and relevant conclusions. The sample size was determined by conducting a primary study and defining the variance of primary sample and the intended number of samples was selected carefully and randomly from the population. Then the validity and reliability of the questionnaire was determined. The used questionnaire in this research consisted of 7 common, and 30 specialized questions which were supporting the hypotheses of the research. Data was analyzed using the frequency percent techniques, and in the chapter related to the deductive statistics, one-sample t test was used to analyze and approve/disapprove the questions supporting the research hypotheses.

Target audience

My MBA Thesis analysis and conclusion will contribute very positive benefit and useful information about the role of corporate branding in Serbian mobile phone Networks along with different influencing factors involved in the customer’s purchase preferences.
I strongly believe that the company’s intend to use this study as a base for their further business strategies, also considering that my research could give general guidance and will be of benefit to marketers in similar fields on how to analyze competitive environment.


The analysis of this study reveals different set of results while making comparison between literature and empirical. It investigates the relative importance of the corporate branding to the customers in mobile phone telecommunication industry while making purchase decision.
The findings of this study provided useful informationwhich is helpful not only for the students but also for the brandmanagers of mobile telecom operators that how they can improve their company’s strategic position for longer period of time through corporate branding to triggermore customers and for a good brand.