Editors’ welcome

These numbers of Apstract are the result of the AVA4 International Congress, held in Debrecen March 26–27, 2009. An impressive number of papers of high quality were presented during the well organized sessions. From each of the 17 sessions the two best papers were chosen to be published in numbers 3 and 4 of volume 3.<--break->

During the opening session of the congress Professor Nagy, the president of the Centre for Agricultural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Debrecen as well as Professor Molnár, Hungarian Minister of Science, Research and Innovation emphasized the crucial role of knowledge in European economic development. The AVA4 Congress contributes to that and therefore is important.

I also would like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to the web site “ageconsearch”: http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/ of the University of Minnesota (US) where you can find a wealth of articles and papers (including the Apstract articles) in our field. This really is a rich resource for research.

As Professor Nábrádi, the organizer of the conference, and Deputy Editor of Apstract indicated the bi-annual AVA congress has become a bi-annual Agrimba activity. The Agrimba Network, the AVA Congress, and our journal Apstract together form the three institutional pillars of the Agrimba activities. I am confident that this triple A is a success formula for the years to come.

Next time in 2011 the congress will be organized in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Everybody who is interested in research in the areas of applied economics, agribusiness, informatics or tourism is invited to take part in it. I am looking forward to meet you all in Wageningen.

Wageningen, Augustl 2009.

Wim Heijman
Editor in chief